Top: Original 1960's windows with aluminum frames and seal failure. Picture below is after we installed new Ply Gem vinyl windows with Low-E and Argon. Also, the small window was changed from a picture window to an opener for more airflow.

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Other Manufacturers Supplied

Atrium™                                                                                                            • Codel Doors™

Ply Gem™ Windows

We have used Ply Gem windows for more than 25 years. Their products and warranties are some of the best in the industry, available in an unmatched number of styles. These windows come in white and almond shades.

Milgard Styles

Milgard™ Windows & Doors

Milgard has been one of our main suppliers for more than 20 years. Their windows and doors are top-of-the-line. Backing their lifetime warranty is something this manufacturer does while providing great customer service.
White and desert tan are two of the options you get when you choose Milgard. These windows come in three styles: Montecito, Styleline, and Tuscany. Fiberglass windows are another option that provides a large color selection and high-end look, while staying affordable.

Vinyl Replacements

Installing new vinyl or fiberglass windows is a decision that updates the look of your home, while also providing great benefits in energy savings and noise control. We take pride in having the knowledge and experience to help you make the decision that's perfect for you.

Lasting Vinyl Windows
Update the look of your home with vinyl windows from Island Paint & Glass Co in Oak Harbor, Washington. Work with us and you never have to worry about your important projects, because we guide you in the right direction.

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